Monday, April 2, 2007

Conclusion - The Future of Google

(Photo from April 9, 2007 issue of BusinessWeek)

Google has 31% of the online advertising market revenue, and 56% of the market share for online searches. The company has nowhere to go but up, I'm not sure but I believe reading somewhere it said Google spends 20%-25% of its resources pursuing new ventures.

Google and Microsoft are currently both pursuing the acquisition of doubleclick, the number 1 online ad agency. Also Google has come out with its own productivity software suite including word processors, spreadsheets, database software, presentation software, instant messenging and video conference software to compete with Microsoft in the corporate arena. Microsoft charges about $500 a year for its suite per user, whereas Google will only charge $50.

Now that Google is entering the software market, there soon may be nothing people do without doing it through Google.

Google is also constantly expanding its massive server farms and fiber-optic capacity. Google may eventually be an alternative to the internet, by providing the same network that runs faster.

Google is also currently working on Artificial Intelligence systems, an example of that is its spell checking system, its language translator, and eventually a search engine that almost knows what you're looking for as soon as you start looking for it.

Google has bought YouTube as is currently working on a way to search for what's in a video without knowing the video name or the user who submitted it.

They are also trying to create the first online ad marketplace, like an ebay for anyone who wants to advertise. Where clients can bid in auctions for advertising spots. Google is also looking into revolutionizing television commercials, so that television commercials can be custom-tailored for each household, based on the ages and the people living in them, as well as their hobbies, interests, likes, dislikes, and shopping habits.

(Is Google Too Powerful?

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